Beginner Guitars!

Review of the Top Acoustic Guitar for beginners!

Here are three beginner guitars -- at three different price points -- that we HIGHLY recommend, because of their quality construction, overall sound, and attractive styling.

Select either one of these models, and you'll have a quality instrument, that plays easily, looks good, and sounds great.

Rogue Honduran Mahogany Dreadnought Review

1. Rogue Honduran Mahogany Dreadnought

With its dark and rich image and a price tag around $100, the Rogue Honduran Mahogany Dreadnought has two things going for it:

An out-of-the-ordinary look and a very low price.

Featuring a highly figured Honduran mahogany laminate top and back and a traditional dreadnought shape, this acoustic guitar comes with a rosewood fretboard, die-cast tuners and Martin strings.

The deep, dark coloring of this guitar makes it stand out in a crowd -- and that’s something you may or may not like.

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If you plan to take it to group lessons, for example, get ready for a few comments.

If you’d rather blend into a crowd, the Fender guitar below might be a better choice.

But this Rogue mahogany guitar has a rich tone to match its look.

While you may be expected a mellow sound from this instrument because of its mahogany top, you’ll be surprised by the brighter-than-expected, cutting sound.


High notes sound especially good on this one.

While the high-gloss finish is too shiny for some tastes, it’s applied evenly and flawlessly, giving you a surface that can take some abuse.

It also looks outstanding, right out of the box, a claim most beginner beginner guitars simply cannot make.

Because Rogue isn’t a well-known brand name, you’re not paying a premium for advertising and marketing services to launch and support this product.

As a result, you’re getting a quality instrument at a very fair price.

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2.Fender CD-60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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While this Fender acoustic guitar is twice the price of the Rogue model, the traditional sunburst finish, upgraded features and an included case make this model worth the difference, if you can afford it.

Still much less than many other beginner guitars, the Fender name on this instrument means you’re getting Fender quality.

When you choose this model, you’re starting with a company that could carry you through your entire playing career.

The Fender CD-60 also has a dreadnought shape. It features a laminate spruce top with mahogany at the back and sides and die-case tuners.

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The fingerboard is made from sonokeling and the neck from nato. (You may not be familiar with these woods, and that’s okay. Lots of woods and other materials make great guitar components, even if you haven’t heard of them.)

A black pickguard and white dot inlays in the fingerboard do a lot to dress up this model, making it look less like a beginner instrument.

While some players find that the polyurethane gloss finish is too easily chipped and dinged, all guitars will pick up some signs of use over time.

The traditional sunburst look makes up for any failings in durability. This guitar looks like a quality instrument -- and it looks like a Fender, two things that will earn you some respect.

You’ll find the tone of this Fender model pleasingly bright, although note sustain leaves something to be desired.

Don’t worry about volume, however. It’s engineered with enough sound-enhancing wood to get very loud when it needs to.

A name-brand acoustic guitar at a price that’s within the reach of most serious players deserves to be seriously considered.

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3. Epiphone Dove Acoustic Guitar

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Classic blond coloring and some high-end ornamentation join 1960s style in making this Epiphone model a beginner guitar for players serious about getting started right.

At just a hundred dollars more than the Fender model, this Epiphone offers a solid -- not laminate -- spruce top with maple back and sides.

Because of the premium woods, expect this beautiful-looking acoustic guitar to sound sweet too.

The maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with split parallelogram inlays for a touch of class. The elaborate dove pickguard adds to the ornamentation.

A highly stylized wing inlay pattern near the bridge takes the decoration up a notch, while chrome hardware completes the elegant look.

Epiphone, which is owned by renown guitar maker Gibson, offers a limited lifetime warranty on this model, backed by the decades-long positive reputation of Gibson.

When you choose this model, you get a smoother low sound than the other models offer along with the crisp highs. It doesn’t boom, but you don’t necessarily need it to.


The pronounced, smooth sound speaks for itself just fine.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything wrong with the Epihone Dove.

You get a sturdy and well-applied finish with carefully placed hardware and other components. A tapered dovetail neck joint is a nice touch that adds to this model’s durability.

In fact, when compared with other models of similar prices, the list of features and the quality of the components is unbeatable. 
And you could easily continue playing this guitar for years to come, even as your skills and budget increase.

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Beginner Guitars - Making The Best Choice:

Here’s the bottom line in choosing a beginner guitar: You don’t want something you’ll be ashamed of.

If you buy a cheap-looking instrument, you’ll be ashamed to let your friends see it, much less anyone who knows anything about guitars.

And if you buy something that looks okay but doesn’t sound very good, you’ll be ashamed of yourself for choosing based only on looks alone.

There’s a simple solution, however...

All three of the beginner guitars discussed above are excellent choices.
While the Rogue offers a rich look and sound, the Fender has a sunburst finish that gives it a more traditional look. The Epiphone, however, looks even more upgraded, and is several notches above a typical starter model.
Whichever model fits your needs and budget, you can expect quality from all 3 guitars.

Buy any one of them, as you'll begin your musical journey with a guitar you can be proud of.

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