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      Euro-me to display multiple distributed products at CIMT2019 Beijing

      Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2019-08-28    Hits : 3910

      As China´s most prestigious international machine tool exhibition, this year´s China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT 2019) will be held in the new pavilion of Beijing International Exhibition Center from April 15 to 20.           

      Euro-me will display our exclusive distributed BAUBLIES burnishing tools and burnishing machine (booth No. W5-A201), Vischer & Bolli zero-point positioning quick change system and modular vises (booth No. W5-212), Mimatic Angle head, power tool holder, thread milling cutter, groove milling cutter and other products (booth No. W5-213).

      Please come along to see us at our joint stand at W5 German pavilion!